Friday, October 29, 2010

NBC Chicago's Edward McClelland writes the truth about Joe Berrios

A lot has been written in the press about Joe Berrios. What does the truth look like? NBC Chicago's Edward McClelland called out Forrest Claypool's witch hunt against the Democrat for what it is, "It’s a conspiracy of goo-goos, with no backing from the minority community." I am a "goo-goo" and I have seen through this shallow sham since day one. McClelland sums it up nicely: "I just don’t believe that Claypool is as virtuous as he claims, or that Berrios is as corrupt."

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I’ll tell you how I voted in this fall’s elections, and why...

Cook County Assessor: Joe Berrios
Berrios actually wants to be Cook County Assessor. He wants it so badly he has spent 22 years preparing himself as a member of the Cook County Board of Tax Appeals. Maybe I’m cynical, but it’s hard to remain a virgin in politics that long. The Better Government Association and Chicago magazine reported that Berrios accepted campaign contributions from lawyers who did business with the board, but politicians take money from lobbyists all the time. And the BGA was unable to pin anything illegal on Berrios.

I voted for Forrest Claypool when he ran for Cook County Board President in 2006, because I thought John Stroger was petrifying into a political boss. But I am mystified by his dilettantish campaign for assessor. Earlier this year, Claypool suddenly decided that the fate of honest government in Illinois depended on keeping Berrios out of the assessor’s office. Claypool’s allies in the news media and the Lakefront Liberal establishment have gone along, even questioning Toni Preckwinkle’s progressive credentials because she supports Berrios, a fellow Democratic nominee. It’s a conspiracy of goo-goos, with no backing from the minority community -- not a healthy coalition for winning countywide office.

I just don’t believe that Claypool is as virtuous as he claims, or that Berrios is as corrupt.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Help the Democrats against the Billionaires

With just 17 days left to go until Election Day, campaigns against our Democratic candidates in Cook County are really heating up. I want to bring one example to your attention. Once again, Forrest Claypool is complaining about being unable to raise funds to bankroll his candidacy for Cook County Assessor.

Who is he kidding? Claypool has been taking $100,000 checks ever since he started running.

This plea for funds is coming from a candidate who failed to cast a ballot in the primary because he was too busy, yet expects people to vote for him. Claypool is asking for small donations so that he doesn’t have to report them immediately to the Illinois Board of Elections.

This plea for funds is coming from a former Democrat who gets hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from his billionaire friends – people who want tax breaks on their mansions, vacation homes and even parking spaces.

This plea for funds is coming from an elitist who states publicly that he will pay little to no attention to the minority and less-wealthy communities in Cook County during this campaign. A recent Sun-Times columnist said Claypool is on the verge of “political extinction” because if he loses, he will be out of work.

Meanwhile, Joe Berrios is working tirelessly; not only at his job as a commissioner on the Cook County Board of Review, but on the campaign trail throughout Chicago and its suburbs. He is listening to property owners’ concerns and is promising to treat them fairly once elected, as he has done in the past.

Joe Berrios grew up in public housing at Cabrini-Green. He does not own a yacht or a mansion. And he doesn’t have billionaire friends to bankroll his campaign. Joe Berrios wants to serve the people of Cook County for the right reasons. Unlike Claypool, he has a plan to improve the Assessor’s office and treat property owners with the respect they deserve.

There is only one candidate who has the experience to be our next Cook County Assessor, and that’s Joe Berrios. To contribute to Joe’s campaign, visit

If you can’t contribute, you can help get Joe Berrios and other Democrats elected by voting early or on Nov. 2nd. For a list of early voting sites, visit or

Scott Cisek
Political Director
Cook County Democratic Party